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The PREPARE/ENRICH Group Program is inexpensive, relevant, and easy to implement.  The one-time fee of AUD$40 (includes GST and postage) upgrades your PREPARE/ENRICH account, giving you online access to the Instructor's Guide (PDF), and the new Couple's Report - Group Edition, and the Instructor's PowerPoint. When offering PREPARE/ENRICH in a group format, you will use these resources to encourage discussion and effectively structure the feedback for a group setting.

Instructor's Guide:  The 32-page PDF file outlines the process and steps you need to be successful with the PREPARE/ENRICH Group Program.  Each of the sessions includes an ice breaker, group discussion questions, teaching points, a couple exercise, guided wrap up questions, and closing suggestions.  Choose a handful of topics, or complete all ten sessions - it's flexible and up to you to decide what will work best in your setting.

Session topics include:

  • Sharing Strength & Growth Areas
  • SCOPE Personality
  • Personal Stress Profile
  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Financial Management
  • Spiritual Beliefs
  • Sexuality, Romance & Affection
  • Closeness & Flexibility
  • Final Wrap-Up Session

New Couple's Report - Group Edition: A newly revised Couple's Report made specifically for the PREPARE/ENRICH Group Program.

  • Re-ordered to match the flow of session topics
  • More category response detail for couples to discuss their areas of agreement and disagreement
  • No Couple Typology section to distract or discourage struggling couples
  • Easy to use - automatically generated each time you assess a couple

Group Program PowerPoint: Each session outline, including exercise directions and discussion questions, has been incorporated into a user-friendly PowerPoint for those who prefer this format.

There is no need to buy additional materials or learn new exercises for couples attending your groups.  Use the same administration process and Couple's Workbook exercises you already know and understand. 
This one-time charge of $40 activates the Group Program feature in your account.  Once active, you'll automatically receive the new group edition of the Couple's Report whenever you assess a couple. This report is included in addition to your Facilitator's Report and current Couple's Report. You'll also be given links to the Instructor's Guide and PowerPoint when you login to your facilitator account.

The Group Report is available for all couples added after the Group Feature is activated.  Due to system constraints this does not include couples managed prior to Group Feature activation.

Available for PREPARE/ENRICH facilitators only