Marriage Mentor Manual

Marriage Mentor Manual

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Available for PREPARE/ENRICH facilitators only

PDF edition of the Marriage Mentor Manual

AUD$30 for a single manual (includes GST)

Each Mentor Couple will need a Marriage Mentor Manual. This package includes the training materials for interpreting the PREPARE/ENRICH reports and providing feedback to couples using the Couple’s Workbook.

Each Marriage Mentor Manual includes:

  • PREPARE/ENRICH Resource Guide
  • Couple’s Workbook
  • Sample Facilitator’s Report

Couples being Mentored will take the assessment and complete the exercises in the Couple’s Workbook. Ideally, each person will have their own copy of the workbook. They can be printed free of charge at There is also a PDF copy of the Couple’s Workbook on the CD included in the Resource Kit.

Pre-printed copies of the Couple’s Workbook can also be purchased from our online bookstore.