PREPARE/ENRICH Blended Training Morling College 2021

PREPARE/ENRICH Blended Training Morling College 2021

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This blended training program is being offered exclusively to Morling College students so as to be trained to be a facilitator of the pre-marriage and relationship education program PREPARE/ENRICH. The cost generously includes access and delivery of the Parenting Version & Group Edition. This much-reduced cost has been negotiated at $190 per person and $145 for an accompanying spouse. This would normally cost $370 per person and $270 for accompanying spouse.

1. Interested students and spouses will need to register before Friday the 9th of July. As soon as you have registered and paid you will be given an access code to the Online training and then can undertake the relevant training modules over the ensuing months or weeks until Friday the 30th of July.

2. Once you have received your access code you will then need to complete the On-line training component by Friday the 30th of July or your registration will be voided. When you have completed the online training modules and attended the On-campus Facilitator Training Day on Monday the 2nd of August 9.30am to 1.00pm (mandatory requirement) you will receive a Facilitator ID which provides access to Facilitator Login part of the PREPARE/ENRICH website.

3. After On-campus Facilitator Training Day on Monday the 2nd of August 9.30am to 1.00pm (mandatory requirement) you will be able to undertake your free trial session with a couple.

4. This Course is a requirement for obtaining your Marriage License for Baptist Accreditation but is a course open to any student studying at Morling College who has done pastoral units. If completing this course for Baptist Accreditation then ensure that you also enrol through the Registrar's office with code ACC-PREP.

For further information visit the PREPARE/ENRICH website or contact Keith Mitchell at Morling –

Dr. Keith Mitchell
Lecturer in Pastoral and Practical Studies
Director of Field Education
Co-ordinator Baptist Accreditation Studies